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At 9pm every night get into the routine of making sure your vehicles are locked and all valuables are removed or hidden from view. This little bit of crime prevention only takes a couple seconds and can prevent you from becoming a victim and alot of aggravation.

HHPD Autistic/Special Needs/Assistance Database Update

The HHPD would like to better serve the Autistic/Special Needs community. To further assist this community, we are asking parents/guardians and caretakers of Autistic/Special Needs individuals to complete the below downloadable Emergency Information Form. This form will enhance police officers’ communication and response skills. The completed form will be entered into our computer database, allowing responding police officers to assess the information you have provided on the emergency form. This will provide the officer with a better understanding of how to handle the situation. Our goal is to provide effective and safe outcomes with every call we handle and these forms will help us achieve that goal.

All information you provide will only be entered into our police database and will be strictly confidential. We also would like to recommend submitting a photograph of the person on the form so that we could better identify someone in the event that they went missing. Please return the completed Form at your earliest convenience to the Police Headquarters either in person or by mail. Thank you for helping us assist the Autistic/Special Needs citizens in our community.


Overnight Parking Permission Request

When requesting Overnight Parking Permission, information MUST be entered completely and accurately to ensure correct entry of your vehicle. Error in any of the fields may result to a denial for Parking Permission.

The Guest’s vehicle should be the vehicle that is entered into the Overnight Parking Request System

Individuals found to be misusing the privilege of Overnight Parking Permission with an excessive amount of requests may be denied permission and issued a summons for violation of B.O. 261-17

*Commercial Vehicles are not eligible for Overnight Parking Permission*
**If you are submitting multiple vehicles, enter each vehicle separately**



It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department’s web page. The HHPD currently has 30 full time sworn Law Enforcement Officers who are committed to public safety.  The Department currently has two divisions:  Patrol and Investigation. We are not only committed to law enforcement, we also provide many community policing services like DARE, medicine drop off and we provide speakers to civic groups on crime prevention. School safety is a priority and we are dedicated to working with our schools to provide programs for their students and staff.  Officers walk through all schools on a daily basis. Our school crossing guards and walking school bus guards are dedicated to providing safe passage to and from schools.

Chief Michael J. Colaneri

FireArms Bureau

Det. Sgt. Jeffrey Werner
(201) 288-6494
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Detective Bureau

Lt Michael Colaneri Jr.
(201) 288-6019

The Detective Bureau contains several divisions including the Juvenile Bureau, Records Bureau, and the Community Policing / Crime Prevention Bureau’s.

The Detective Bureau is responsible to investigate all crimes and offenses that occur within the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights. Responsibilities are the supervision of crime scenes, and the collection and maintenance of all evidence related to these crimes and offenses.  The Detective Bureau also does back round investigations on all borough employees. Many investigations require working in cooperation with other law enforcement agencies such as the Bergen County Prosecutors Office, the F.B.I., and the N.J. State Police, and other local municipalities to name a few.  One goal of the Detective Bureau is to gather intelligence on current crime trends in our area and pass this information along to patrol officers, citizens and local merchants so that precautions may be taken to avoid becoming a victim of  these crimes. If a crime is committed in Hasbrouck Heights successful investigations lead to the arrest and prosecution of the individual who committed the crime.

Traffic Bureau

 (201) 288-1114

The Traffic Bureau is staffed Monday – Friday during the hours of 7am – 11pm.. The Traffic Bureau investigate every motor vehicle accident that occurs within the Borough of Hasbrouck Heights. They oversee all school marshals to ensure the safety of the children as they cross the streets to and from school. They have instituted a Walking School Bus, which dedicates one school marshal to walk several children home. In addition to these services, they also oversee and enforce the motor vehicles laws within our Borough.  They have provided the following links and information for reference.

Patrol Divsion

Capt. Joseph Rinke
(201) 288-0080

Welcome to the Patrol Division of the Hasbrouck Heights Police Department. The Patrol Division is headed by Captain Joseph Rinke. The Patrol Division is dedicated to interacting with the community and also enforcing the laws of New Jersey and the borough. The Patrol Division consists of Five Squads that work on a variety of different shifts each month.  Each of the five squads is headed by a tour commander who’s primary duty is delegating duties among his squad, and assuring that each call is handled promptly with all necessary resources dispatched. The patrol division has a wealth of resources at their disposal. Our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art computers run by INFO-COPE-TICKET, and ENFORSYS. Some vehicles are also equipped with Automated License Plate readers that read, record, and check license plates constantly throughout the officers shift.

Information that officers obtain from Info-Cop in their vehicle:
●    NJ DMV and Out-of-State DMV Information
●    NCIC (National Crime Information Center) Information
●    State Wanted Persons Information
●    Any Outstanding Warrants that an individual may have

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