Revealing TOO Much Information about your Family?

A proud parent likes to advertise their child’s accomplishments by placing customized stickers on their cars. The problem is, these stickers and decals reveal information that could relay information to criminals. Criminals can gain information like:

  • Where your child goes to school
  • If there are children in the car
  • The names of your children
  • What sports your child likes to play
  • What number your child is in sports
  • Any Sports teams that your family or child is interested in
  • Origin of your family (Italian, German, Irish, Polish, etc.)
  • If your family has a protective dog
  • What area/town you live in

Removing these Decal and Stickers can keep your family safe


In New Jersey, several debates have arose over Kyleigh’s Law that requires underage (under 21) drivers to attach a red decal to the license plate of the vehicle they are operating. This is to show other drivers that a young driver is behind the wheel. This also can serve as a beacon to possibly kidnappers or child sexual predators, alerting them that a young drivers is operating the vehicle. Although Kyleigh’s Law is still in effect, several Bills were introduced to remove the Law. As of now, these Bills are working their way through Congress.