National Special Olympic Torch Comes to the HHPD

The National Special Olympics Torch made a special appearance at the HHPD due to the amount of money the HHPD has raised toward their worthy cause.

Thank You Maria Esteves of MADD

Maria Esteves of MADD spoke to HHHS Seniors about losing a loved one to a drunk driver.

The Effects of Drinking and Driving On Display

A vehicle involved in a DWI Accident is on display in front of HH High School for students to see the effects of drinking and driving.

Austin Alvarez Takes Over as Chief

Chief Alvarez sworn in as HH Police Chief on June 6, 2014.

One Question Could Save Your Child’s Life

June 24th is National "ASK" Asking Saves Kids Day. One question can save kids lives.

#4 in the State

The HHPD raises the Fourth highest donations for the Special Olympics throughout the State.