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Back Taxes Scam


The NJ Consumer Affairs is warning NJ residents of a phone scam recognized by the IRS.

NJ State Police Youth Week


  The New Jersey State Police will be hosting their annual Youth Week for any male/female who has completed their Junior year of High School. There are two dates that are available for students to apply for: July 25 –



Cyberbullying / Stalking & Harassment Cyberstalking and Cyberharassment Cyberstalking and cyberharassment are lumped together along with any way adults use digital technology to torment, harass, intentionally annoy or set their victims up for attacks by unwitting third parties (like hate

Grandparent Scam – Resurfacing – Don’t Let it Happen to You


A scam targeting the elderly has resurfaced and is stealing thousands of hard worked money from grandparents who feel they're doing the right thing.

HHPD Kid’s Site Up and Running


The HHPD Webpage dedicated to the education of kids through interactive games and other activities. The HHPD has long been a department heavily involved with they youth in the community. Visit HHPD Kids The site directs kids to only website links

Child Safety Seat Laws


Is your child in the correct Safety Seat? 3 out of every 4 Safety Seats are installed improperly or the child is in the wrong Safety Seat for their age/weight.

Don’t Drive Stupid – Speed Kills


Video shows the effects that Speed has on Motor Vehicle Accidents. MVA's is the leading cause of death for teens and most contributed to speed or distracted driving.

St. Patty’s Day – Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over


The HHPD will out in full force for the "Driver Sober or Get Pulled Over" Campaign during March 13-17. A Zero Tolerance for Driving while intoxicated and Seatbelt Enforcement will be in effect. Stay Safe and Desiginate a Driver.

HHPD and Kundert Volvo hold Kids Safe Event


The HHPD and Kundert Volvo will host a Kid Safety Event on March 22nd between 10am-2pm with several activities relating to the safety of children.

Happy 7th Birthday Tyler


Over 100 Police and Fire Departments showed up at Tyler's door this morning to wish the young boy battling Leukemia a Happy Birthday

HHPD help make a boy’s Birthday a special one


The HHPD have helped make the birthday wishes of a 6 year old boy in Rhode Island, battling leukemia, come true.

Bergen County Jail to be featured on LOCKUP


The Bergen County Sheriff's Department announced that they will be featured on the MSNBC television show LOCKUP starting March 1st

Protecting Aircraft from Lasers – FBI Press Release


The FBI has released a new program aimed at rewarding individuals who report people directing laser pointers at aircrafts. With Teterboro Airport closeby, this new program extends to all residents in our area.

CAUGHT!!!!!! 21 year old Lodi Resident Apprehended


21 year old Lodi Resident Hamilton Sanchez APPREHENDED after Lodi Armed Robbery. A Bergen County Police Department K9 unit caught a man who authorities believe was responsible for a weekend holdup spree following the armed robbery of a Lodi 7-Eleven.