October is National Bullying Prevention Month


Every October throughout the United States is National Bullying Prevention Month. October has become a month specifically focused on combating Bullying, though Bullying Prevention and Education is an ongoing process. Bullying has taken several forms as technology has progressed. Bullying is no longer a personal face to face incident, but has transformed into Cyber Bullying across the several social media sites. Bullying is defined as the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something.


  • Something that someone does or says to gain power and dominance over another, in a repeated fashion
  • An abuse of power intended to hurt or humiliate another
  • Purposeful, imbalanced and continual

Bullying sometimes goes unreported for the following reasons:

• Fearing retaliation
• Feeling shame at not being able to stand up for themselves
• Fearing they would not be believed
• Not wanting to worry their parents
• Having no confidence that anything would change as a result
• Thinking their parents’ or teacher’s advice would make the problem worse
• Fearing their teacher would tell the bully who told on him or her
• Thinking it was worse to be thought of as a snitch

These are also reasons why witnesses to do report the incidents or help the victim of bullying.

Parents can help educate their children about bullying about the dangers, consequences and strategies to combat the bullying/cyberbullying problem.