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Juvenile Bureau

The Hasbrouck Heights Police Juvenile Bureau consists of a Juvenile Detective and School Resource Officer. Det. Sgt. Baker handles all juvenile incidents within the Borough. Det Sgt Baker teaches D.A.R.E to all students within Hasbrouck Heights until their D.A.R.E graduation in 5th grade. Ptl Donohue is the School Resource Officer in the HH Middle/High School. He serves as the liaison between the school system and the Police Department. He handles incidents that occur within the MS/HS and turns all investigations over to Sgt Baker. Ptl. Donohue assists school personnel with education of Drunk Driving, Distracted Driving,  Bullying, Cyberbully and the dangers of Drug Abuse. Sgt. Baker and school personnel hold an annual Junior Police Academy for 8th grade students interested in law enforcement, educating the students on procedures, laws, training, and education Officers have today to perform their everyday duties.