Girl Scouts Visit the HHPD


Chief Michael J. Colaneri would like to report that Girl Scout Troop 4016 recently made a visit to the HHPD for an instructional course in Family First Aid. The girls learned the fundamentals of basic first aid by D/Sgt. Alan Baker and Det. Joseph Armeli especially when outdoors on a field trip or camping. They learned what should be stocked in a first aid kit that would be needed to treat minor injuries. The girls also learned how to prevent serious out door injuries and also how to start initial first aid. Including but not limited to a sprain to an ankle, a broken leg or arm, to know the signs of shock and also to know how to treat it. They were taught how to prevent and treat injuries due to weather including learning the signs of heat stroke, frost bite, hypothermia and hyperthermia. The Girl Scout were shown and performed splinting and cravating of leg and arm injuries. And finally they were taught how to care for a younger child and to recognize common medical emergencies. At the conclusion the girls achieved their Cadatte First Aid Badge.