The Effects of Drinking and Driving On Display


On June 9th, courtesy of Liberty Mutual Insurance in cooperation with the Hasbrouck Heights Police and HH Board of Education, a Mini Cooper that was involved in a motor vehicle accident involving drinking and driving that resulted in the death of a passenger, was delivered to the Hasbrouck Heights High School. The Mini Cooper is positioned on the front lawn of the High School to warn students of the dangers of driving while intoxicated. The vehicle will remain on site as an everyday reminder until Friday, June 13th.

The Mini Cooper was operated by an underage college student who had been drinking. The passenger in the vehicle did not survive the accident and the driver was seriously injured. the other vehicle involved in the accident was a father of two children on his way home from work, when his SUV was struck and flipped over. Thankfully he survived, but was disabled and hospitalized for several weeks following the accident. Although the vehicle on the front lawn does not appear to have sustained major damage, the damage to the lives of three families will last a lifetime.

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