Don’t Drive Stupid – Speed Kills



Crash, boom, bang!


In an instant, a car accident can change a person’s life forever. Each year, many unsuspecting drivers, passengers, and pedestrians are killed on the roads of the United States. The main question we ask ourselves is why? Are people killed because of high speed crashes? Did the airbags not deploy at the proper time? Were the roads in acceptable conditions?

Unfortunately, we can not always determine the causes of all accidents, simply because we were not on the scene of the accident. There are many different reasons why fatal car accidents occur. Some accidents involve distractions, alcohol consumption, speed, road hazards, or inclement weather.

What can we do to prevent a possible fatal accident from occurring?

High speeds often result in an increase chance in fatal car accidents. High driving speeds increase crash rates, injury rates, and the probability of a driver losing control of the automobile. Thus, the higher the speed limit, the more likelihood of a fatal car accident

Younger drivers are inexperienced and are sometimes not familiar with hazardous road conditions. Many young drivers also tend to think of speed limits as insignificant, and often driver faster than the state speed limit. Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death in individuals under the age of 35. Moreover, young drivers are more likely to be involved with drug and alcohol misuse. Teens are more likely to be involved in an Accident within 12-24 months of receiving their License.  

Unless Posted otherwise,  25 mph and 50 mph are the only legal speed limits in New Jersey

  • 25mph for Residental Areas
  • 50mph for Highway