Congratulations Jr. Police Academy Class #15



On June 27, 2014, the Hasbrouck Heights Junior Police Academy Class #15 graduated after a week long of training. Forty-Seven Recruits endured the week long Academy, consisting of physical activity and criminal justice education. Instuctors Sgt. Alan Baker, Ptl. Brian Donohue, Ptl. Dominick D’Amico, and Ptl. Kevin Condal demonstrated the everyday techniques and tactics that a police officer must demonstrate. The recruits learned how to make several motor vehicle stops, ranging from high-risk felony stops to the sometimes uncooperative agitated driver. With all the scenarios that the motor vehicle stops performed, the recruits demonstrated poise and professionalism. The recruits met the newly formed Bergen County Regional SWAT team, who introduced themselves with a bang, igniting a flashbang outside of the building prior to entering. As the lieutenant in charge of the BC Regional SWAT team, he explained the training and process they team performs in preparation for any incident. He also introduced the three members of the HHPD that were admitted to the SWAT team; Lt. Rinke, Det. Sgt. Colaneri Jr, and Det. Behr. The recruits visited the Bergen County Jail, where they were taken on an inside tour of the facility and the day-to-day operations of controlling the inmates housed in Bergen County. The recruits practiced several team building exercises and demonstrated simple everyday moves with and without glasses that simulate intoxication. A guest speaker from the FBI visited the recruits explaining how every aspect of law enforcement is important and how every level of law enforcement must rely on each other. The week ended with a small barbeque hosted by Chief Colaneri to celebrate the weeklong dedication the recruits demonstrated. The recruits started the week as individuals, but graduated as a team. 

The Graduation Ceremony was held on June 27, 2014 at the Hasbrouck Heights High School Auditorium. Police Chief Colaneri, Mayor Rose Heck, Police Commisioner Justin DiPisa, Deputy Commissioner David Gonzalez, Councilman Russell Lipari, Academy Organizer Mike Stillman, as well as, several family and friends of the recruits. 

Congratulations to the HH Junior Police Academy Class #15

Congratulations to the following recruits

Travis Culkin
Alyssa Volpe
John Capozzi
Evan Alvarez
Gillian Calbi
Michael Cutruzzula
Emily Gaige
Emma Nichols
Elizabeth Gjeli
Xavier Garcia
Alexis Putkisto
Sara Herron
Anne Khalil
Karley Martinez
Delilah Morales
Leandro Pozo
Jawad Pathan
Nico Sardano
Tenzing Tsering
Vanita Patel
Matt Dallara
Monika Lucic
Hannah Balcer
Madeline Kamowitz
Nicholas Lorenzo
Ryan Moots
Steven Waring
Ankit Patel
Eric Robitaille
Tiffany Temes
Marcos Ochoa
Jacqueline DeLorenzo
Brandon Aguirre
Catherine Castellanos
Imran Eljitan
Bryan Cobcobo
Nyasia Fye
Zachary Gilligan
Matthew Steimel
Hani Jawabrah
Peter Lohrmann
Jordan Metz
Peter Neumann
Giana DeLascio
Jefrey Peralta
Michelle Schwartz
Brianna Wynne
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