Are Tinted Windows Legal?

New Jersey Tinted Window Law

Since the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission changed laws on vehicle inspection requirements, there has been confusion over window tinting. Although the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission has stated that during vehicle inspection, your vehicle will no longer fail because of tinted windows, tinted windows are ILLEGAL in NJ. New Jersey prohibits the tinting of any degree on the front driver/passenger side windows. As a rule of thumb this is a brief rundown of the restrictions

Windshield NO TINT is allowed on the windshield
Front Side Windows NO TINT can be applied legally to these windows
Back Side Windows Tints are permitted on these windows
Rear Window Tints are permitted on this window

No Mirror or Reflective Tinting is allowed on any windows.
Tinting of Headlamps or Rearlamps is also Prohibited.

The only exception to this law is if  the owner or lessee of a vehicle that is driven by or used to transport a person ha a medical condition involving ophthalmic or dermatologic photosensitivity. In this case, they may apply to the director of the MVC for permission to have the windshield and windows of that vehicle covered or treated with a product or material that increases its light reflectance or reduces its light transmittance.

Tinting of Windows and/or head or rear lamps reduces the visibility during the night, as well as, pose a safety hazard to other drivers on the roadways.