Austin Alvarez Takes Over as Chief


As part of the Bergen County Sheriff’s Chief-for-a-Day program, Austin Alvarez was sworn in as the top Law Enforcement Official in Hasbrouck Heights on June 6, 2014.  As a 10 year old Police Chief, Austin, was one of the first chiefs to arrive at the County Courthouse for an important Chief’s meeting. Austin has a rare bone disease and has undergone several surgeries within the last three years.  Chief Alvarez made inspections of Police Headquarters, police vehicles, and some officers to assure that everything was in order. Chief Colaneri escorted Chief Alvarez around during his day in charge. Hasbrouck Heights was one of 17 Police Departments that participated in the Chief-for-a-Day program. At the end of the day, Chief Alvarez resigned from his position, opting to spend his retirement finishing school and enjoying the summer. The Hasbrouck Heights Police Department wishes Chief Alvarez all the best in his retirement and future endeavors.

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