Bergen County Jail to be featured on LOCKUP


MSNBC’s Lockup, a prison documentary series produced by 44  Blue Productions, will air 6 episodes beginning March 1st at 10:00pm EST featuring the Bergen County Jail.

The show explores prison facilities throughout the United States, profiling notable inmates, incidents, and prison operations.  The show began filming at the Jail in June 2013 and concluded later that year in October.  A camera crew would often spend between 40-60 hours a week at the Jail conducting interviews, and observing the daily routines of inmates and corrections officers.

“Our corrections officers and staff at the Jail are dedicated to running an efficient operation,” said Sheriff Michael Saudino.  “I am very thankful for their professionalism, and I look forward to their hard work being showcased in this documentary.  The Bergen County Jail is one of the finest correctional facilities in the state.”

The Bergen County Jail is designed and is operated in accordance with constitutional standards, to meet accreditation set by the American Correctional Association and the New Jersey State Department of Corrections. In addition, the Jail meets standards for health care established by the National Commission on Correctional Health Care.  Most recently in August 2013, the Jail received a passing rating by the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) inspection team for the work done in housing ICE detainees.